RMD Trainingen is an organization based on learning by experience: Trainingen Coaching Counseling Consultancy

Learning by experience:

  1. OpsommingstekenExperience the action

  2. OpsommingstekenReflect

  3. OpsommingstekenMake the link to reality

  4. OpsommingstekenImplement

  5. OpsommingstekenExperience again

Participants are given the opportunity to have experiences on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

Human Behaviour is determined by many influences. Consciously but especially on a subconscious level. This is the main reason why behaviour is so complex.

Through experience, knowledge, insight and practice of skills you will have the opportunity to have more freedom of choice in how you want to behave in different situations in your life. You can develop on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and increase opportunities in your personal and professional life.

“Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand...”