“Practical and experience-based”

Learning by doing: By experiencing how you behave and learning what your mechanisms or behavioural systems are, you will get more insight in why you behave in such a manner and get a better grip on your life.

RMD Training is focussing on experience, awareness, feeling, thinking, learning and acting.

Our core values on how we work are connection, trust and safety.

Through the years RMD Trainingen has worked with many powerful metaphors which have been a very valuable asset for the participants.

A safe and trustful manner will give participants an in-depth feeling of self awareness.

The added value of a metaphor stands or falls with how the participant is able to make the link to his or her personal and professional life. This is the reason why there is a lot of emphasis on making this link.

Think of metaphors like: travelling, drive horses, aikido, outdoor activities, organizational constellations and more.

A tailor made programme is a standard procedure at RMD Trainingen. Although RMD Trainingen is offering standard programs, none of the programs are the same. No person and no organisation are equal.

Therefore the locations, of training, coaching, consultancy & counseling will differ each time.

For locations and accommodations, RMD Trainingen makes use of natural environments with creative atmospheres.

All our tailor made programmes offer you the opportunity to:

  1. OpsommingstekenBecome aware of your behaviour and performance.

  2. OpsommingstekenGain insight in your behaviour and performance.

  3. OpsommingstekenTake responsibility for your actions.

  4. OpsommingstekenMake new and better choices.

  5. OpsommingstekenMake optimal use of your qualities, internal resources and possibilities.

  6. OpsommingstekenExperience more joy in your work, study or sports.

  7. OpsommingstekenOptimize your management and leadership skills.

  8. OpsommingstekenWork more efficient and goal minded.